Simple tracking of Covid-19 vaccinations for healthcare professionals and patients

Simple tracking of Covid-19 vaccinations for healthcare professionals and patients
7. 1. 2021 Vasja Rebec

Simple tracking of Covid-19 vaccinations for healthcare professionals and patients

Vaccination scheduling using the web application

Health care institutions are faced with the difficult task of how to sucessfully organize the vaccination process.

Web application, which is normally used for online scheduling of outpatient appointments, now enables an additional option for scheduling vaccinations, both for healthcare professionals and patients.

What are the advantages of vaccination scheduling through




Vaccination scheduling in the web app is simple and carried out through the website of your health institution.

Users can schedule an appointment through any time of the day and there is no need for using telephone scheduling:

users can schedule an appointment in the waiting list or
schedule to the waiting line. Health facility personnel then schedules patients from the waiting line into an actual time slot in the waiting list.

The health institution can decide on one of the above methods – depending on their work organization.

In both cases, the patient receives a notification about the exact date of vaccination through and also by SMS from the institution.

Upon arrival at the health institution on the day of vaccination patients or healthcare professionals scheduled for vaccination are automatically admitted.


Entire administrative proceeding is performed automatically without the need for medical staff


Upon arrival at the health institution, the patient inserts the health insurance card in the Queuemate, the institution’s information system then automatically reads the insurance, a patient treatment and vaccination order are created, and all necessary fields can be prepared and filled in (doses, vaccine serial number… ).

The entire administrative proceeding is performed while the patient is still in the waiting room with no direct contact to the medical staff.

The only condition for this automatic administrative proceeding is the user’s online appointment scheduling through the web application (upon registration the users enter their health insurance card number, which enables the automatic creation of all further activities in the program of the health institution).



In the ‘work list‘ within the program, the medical staff can access the list of scheduled patients, which also shows which patients are already present in the waiting room because they have previously registered at the Queuemate upon arrival at the institution.

After the vaccination, the medical staff enters the necessary data about the vaccination into the program, where the treatment is then edited, invoiced and completed, and the data is sent to the electronic vaccination registry (eHealth).

At the end of the treatment, the patient can also have a certificate sent to his profile electronically, which prevents personal contact with paper documents or sending by regular mail.

The program also provides a printout of vaccinations and a list of scheduled vaccinations for the next dose.


Tracking vaccination with simplifies the entire work organization


  • Easy scheduling for vaccination
  • The scheduling process will not occupy your phone lines
  • Automatic patient admission
  • Fast (preset) data entry after vaccination, billing and completion
  • The data is automatically sent to the electronic vaccination registry
  • Control over the transmission of data to the electronic vaccination registry
  • Possibility of sending invitations for receiving the next dose

Are you interested in fast and simple tracking of the vaccination process in your institution?

Vasja Rebec
General Manager of SRC Infonet

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