• DMS+eStorage

    Healthcare Institutions

    eStorage in healthcare. Clear, Efficient, Safe. Complete solution to paperless business.

  • Hospital 360

    Healthcare Institutions

    Specialised solutions for specific activities, where the patient is always the central entity.

  • ISOZ21

    Healthcare Institutions

    An integrated information system for primary healthcare, which facilitates and simplifies work with patients.

  • REM

    Healthcare Institutions

    Immediate and accurate entry of data and their access, directly at the patient’s bedside,…

  • MBL

    Healthcare Institutions | Healthcare Professionals

    It allows simple and complete support for both professional work and all administrative tasks in the laboratory…

  • RISeye

    Healthcare Institutions

    Complete integrated solution allows data interchange with PACS through the HL7 protocol in both directions.

  • QueueMate


    How do you feel waiting in queues at different offices, airports, banks or shops? For most people, waiting in a queue is not a pleasant…

  • Emergency Centre

    Healthcare Institutions | Healthcare Professionals

    A program, designed with the help of doctors, healthcare professionals, administrative personnel and managers.

  • Therapist 360

    Healthcare Institutions| Healthcare Professionals

    Every physiotherapist is satisfied when, with the exercises, achieves a notable progress of the patient.

  • ClinicAll

    Patients | Healthcare Professionals | Healthcare Institutions

    Comfort for the patient and all information for the doctor without any additional cost for the hospital.